Program, starting order and results



30 October 2019

From 12 pm till 2 pm

S1 CSI2* Medium Tour 1m35 against the clock
S2 CSI2* Big Tour 1m40 Two Phases Special
Thursday 31 October 2019  
S3 CSI1* Small Tour 1m20 Two Phases Special
S4 CSI1* Big Tour 1m30 against the clock
S6 CSI2* Small Tour 1m30 Two Phases Special
S7 CSI2* Medium Tour 1m40 Two Phases Special
S8  CSI2* Big Tour 1m45 with jump-off LR 
Friday  1 November 2019  
S10 CSI1*

Big Tour 1m30 Two Phases Special

S11 CSI2*

Small Tour 1m35 with jump-off 

S12 CSI1* Small Tour 1m20 against the clock
S13 CSI2* Final Medium Tour 1m40 with winning round
2 November 2019
S14 CSI2*  Small Tour and Consolation 1m35 against the clock
S15 CSI1*  Small Tour 1m25 with jump-off
S17 CSI1*  Grand Prix 1m35 with jump-off
S18 CSI2*  Grand Prix 1m45 with jump-off LR 


Manege de Vossenbos

Bruinehoopsweg 2


+31 (0)546-573794 ( tijdens concours)