program, starting order and results


For the approved schedule CSI1*/CSI2* Wierden 2016 click here.

Wednesday, November 2nd 2016    
17h00 S1       
    CSI2* Medium Tour 1m35 against the clock    
21h30 S2      
    CSI2* Big Tour 1m40 two phases special    
Thursday, November 3rd 2016    
 08h00 S3      
    CSI1* 1m20 two phases special    
 10h30 S4      
    CSI1* 1m30 two phases special    
    CSI2* Small Tour 1m30 two phases special    
 15h00 S6      
    CSI2* Medium Tour 1m35 two phases special    
 20h00 S7      
    CSI2* Big Tour LR 1m45 with jump-off    
Friday, November 4th 2016    
 09h30 S8      
    CSI1* 1m20 against the clock    
 11h30 S9      
    CSI1* 1m30 against the clock    
 14h30 S10      
    CSI2* Small Tour 1m30 against the clock    
 17h00 S11      
    CSI2* Medium Tour Final 1m40 with jump-off    
Saturday, November 5th 2016    
 08h00 S12      
    CSI2* Small Tour 1m30 with jump-off    
 11h00 S13      
    CSI1* 1m25 with jump-off    
 16h00 S14      
    CSI1* Grand Prix 1m35 with jump-off    
 20h00 S15      
    CSI2* Grand Prix of Wierden LR 1m45 with jump-off